Please Apply Here If You Want To Join Haul It Transport©️

Thanks For Submitting An Application For Haul It Transport Someone Will Get Back To You On Email What To Do Next!


1. Haul It Transport©️ age is now 16+


2. Driver’s must follow Truckersmp rules.


3. You must attend at least 3 Event/Convoy per month.


4. You must attend all Haul It Transport©️ Monthly Convoy.


5. Trail driver will be 2 WEEKS Long.


6. Must own Ats or Ets2


7. Must use MP as we operate online mostly


8. Must use our job logger VTLog


9. Use our paint skin when we are on the road


10. Respect each member as we are all different


11. Use Haul It Transport in your in game tag


12. Please put your TMP ban history to public so that we can see how your bans are!

2021.  Haul It Transport© 

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