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Here at Haul It Transport, we are a virtual trucking company who operates in Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator since opening our doors in 2021.

We are a fun and friendly VTC who are very passionate about the trucking community, we host monthly convoys, attend other VTC's weekly convoys along with truck fest and friendly drives, there is always something going on in the trucking community. Our drivers and staff members are active within the community and in-game

We use VTLog as our job logging system which is far superior to many other VTC's that uses Truckbooks. It's pretty straight forward to use and you can see when other drivers are live, if you wish to drive with them; You can also see your logs and other driver's logs to see how many miles/km's you have driven and you can also see all of the jobs that you have delivered.

We host monthly convoys on ETS2 and we are currently working on hosting monthly convoys on ATS in the near future.

The joining progress is quite simple, there is not a lot of hurdles to jump over, we make it easy as possible. We require that you pass our driving test.

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